Thursday, July 15, 2010


                Hello to people who are looking for something bigger in life. I'm a parent of one sweet boy. In everyday struggle to be the best for my child and my husband, I see people who are not so eager to work with their kids or to communicate with their partners. Because of that fact I decide to start a blog about taking a higher step in parenting and show people some ways and tools to work with their child(ren) and in the same time to improve their relationship. Some friends say that we're ambitious with our kid, but I do not agree. Parents should be ambitious and hard working around their descendants. That is the only right way to teach a child to be cleaver, resourceful, curious. If you want the best for your kid as I do, you'll do everything and more for it. 
                I only wish that I'll find the way to your brains, hearts and souls and help you just a little bit in this hard and beautiful "job" called Raising a Child.
                 Welcome my friends!